Work examples Work examples Dimmable LED Downlights 202164073 Down lights, spot lights Transform your room with these modern lights, these beauties are SMD lamps with warm white colour, options available. 187430354 Garage light Why not install a new light into your garage or shed, with a motion sensor, just walk in and it is on, as soon as you leave it automatically goes off. 187430351 LED security lights Security speaks for itself, these are a great deterrent. 187430353 Attic / loft lights Fed up of crawling around your attic, in fear of falling through your ceiling, Sparky-solutions has the answer. 187430355 202164056 202164057 202164058 202164060 External socket 202164059 External socket 202164061 External Lighting 202164062 External Lighting 202164064 Attic Storage lighting 202164066 LED Downlights 202164063 LED Downlights 202164067 LED Downlights Kitchen rewires 202164068 LED Plinth lights 202164069 LED Downlights 202164075 Outbuilding Power 202164076